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I’ve moved!

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You can find me posting here:

School. Simple.

Obviously it’s mostly homeschool stuff.  But I digress frequently. Decorating. Renovating. Crafting. Cooking. Sewing.  It’s all fair game.

Something to talk about…

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finally. Well, no, not really. We’ve just been too busy for me to spend time talking to my computer. But now that we’ve settled in a little bit (and I do mean a LITTLE bit. we still have boxes randomly sitting in corners.) I’d like to share more about what we’re doing. Just in case all 4 readers from last year were interested:

The least important, but most exciting thing happening right now: workboxes. I’ve signed up, signed on and generally joined the workbox craze. The kids love it b/c they know what to do (even little 3 year old L) and I love it because it motivates me be prepare EVERY night and fill all those boxes beforehand. It used to drive M. crazy to watch me go through every bookcase and cubby just to locate the tape and construction paper… only to realize we don’t have a sprinkle of glitter in the house. And we need to make angels. An angel is just NOT the same without glitter.

So we have modified “sterilite” workboxes from Target (3.99 each), matching bins to keep finished work and clipboards (they were blue, I couldn’t resist), and our memory station (that’s what the CD player is for), and then my old ikea drawers that I loved so much but weren’t getting used much (holding the craft supplies that were hardly used last year).

So here’s a picture. I have lots more to share, mostly about our schoolroom and school plans and a little bit about our new home. Next time. All this blogging has me wiped. Whew. Time for ice cream.

The apple tree cabin

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the apple tree cabin

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The economy is shot and what are we doing? Crazy things. Well, not running up our credit cards or anything (been there, done that) thank goodness. But something almost as crazy. We are sniffing around looking for a fixer upper kind of mountain cabin. It needs to have charm, trees, and room for RV parking (which in theory will completely offset the monthly payment). The prices are finally low enough for it to make sense…Well, kind of. At least a dozen other people seem to be thinking like us judging by all the other offers on the same houses.

This one was our first pick. Until an inspection revealed a great deal of dry rot. I said, “Who cares!” My wise husband said, “No way.” I still think it’s super cute though. So we are still on the hunt. Which in some ways is the best part, Yes?


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