Mom of 2 growing up fast babies :: Wife of brilliant lawyer :: Wonderful things… cottage cheese pancakes, strawberries from my own garden (and not the radishes that seem to be taking over!), figuring out how to put things together, reformed theology, a super rainy day, painted furniture, sewing, James Taylor, listening to J.T. while I sew, watching my babies laugh together, watching my babies do anything, Ayn Rand, Wisconsin, cilantro, the beach in the winter. Did I really type *the beach in the winter?* Oh, yes, and we home school.

  1. Hmmmm…….. “reformed theology”, as in Christian Reformed? I am just curious?! There aren’t that many of us out there! And Wisconsin too yet!? I am now a Michigander, but grew up in a tiny Dutch town called Cedar Grove, just north of Milwaukee! Anyway – enjoyed reading your blog – and enjoy your babies, they are sure cuties!!! Mine are nineteen and twenty two!!! Time goes sooooo fast!

    Diane (Vruwink) Carlson

  2. That’s so funny! Yes, “Christian” reformed. It is so rare, especially to find a woman who has even been exposed to that perspective. Which I find strange given the historical tradition until the 20th century. The Wisconsin part, however, is all my sweet husband. He brought the Wisconsin (Green Lake) and I brought the reformed theology and we’ve both grown to love the other!

  3. Wow, you are an inspiration. I just discovered your blog yesterday via some flickr quilt photos and then became absorbed in your daily accomplishments as a crafter. I absolutely LOVE your sense of colour, I have been sending sewing pics of yours to a friend all morning.
    I also appreciate your intelligent insights into educating your children. Hats off to you for putting such warm and thoughtful effort in to your home schooling. What lucky kids to have such an inspired mum!

  4. Bridie… Thank you Thank you!

  5. I too just found your blog via flickr . It is wonderful. You should really blog more often. I will be starting to homeschool kindergarten this fall and you have some great ideas! Thanks!

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